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Awj International Contracting Company, which is based in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was founded more than twenty years ago by Sheikh Nasser Eid Mazhil Al-Otaibi, who completed the march of his father, Sheikh Eid Mazhil Al-Otaibi, which extended for more than forty years in the same field, maintaining to build and consolidates the values of the company and carry them to reach the height of excellence and quality among the competitors, and in fact, he was able to make a leading name for Awj to compete with the major companies and kept up with the latest technologies and developments and armed with the latest tools which raises the quality and mastery of the business and based on its distinguished team, which has the highest experience to have a distinguished balance of allies and partners everywhere.


A renewed vision that keeps pace with all of technology modern means in construction that is characterized high horizons aspiring to reach the highest levels of technical creativity keeping pace with the latest methods of project implementation by providing our services with the highest specifications and technical levels of what modern science has reached in the management and implementation of projects in all of construction fields.


We work according to Islamic principles, professional ethics and artistic creativity to achieve a prominent position in the field of reconstruction and to remain pioneers in this field, we believe in upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior to maintain financial savings by providing accurate and detailed studies to achieve the benefit of all parties working in the projects.


  • Achieving our vision in line with all work requirements in accordance with 
    professional controls and determinants by providing our services in a creative and
    distinct manner that fulfills all the needs and requirements of the local and
    international market in the field of reconstruction.
  • Providing all the new in construction field with the rapid development by studying 
    it in detail and presenting it to the market in distinctive and integrated and integral
  • Achieving the desired benefit from the project by conducting a study that controls 
    the workflow with a cash flow system in line with the size of implementation while
    ensuring cost savings and benefiting from recycling and re-production of materials
    in a manner that serves the local market.
  • Build deep strategic relationships in order that achieve integration and continuous 
    work for our partners in integrated professional, administrative and technical ways.
  • Providing the best specialized services in all fields with a high quality and –
    efficiency on time for execution period.

2022 financial statements


We are committed to all of our clints with several values and principles :

Clarity and transparency with others

Providing the advices in the interests of business

Adhere to and fulfill all contract requirements

Distinguished organization of work to reach the implementation of
the work and finish the product with the highest levels of quality
and high accuracy

Providing support services to support the workflow in a
professional manner that achieves the purpose and actual function
of the project

Organized and integrated teamwork under professional
management with high and multiple experiences



As a leader, I commit Awj Company to provide an adequate human and
financial resources to provide high quality services in our field in construction
to participate in achieving the Saudi vision 2030