About us


AWJ has been established 40 years ago by Shaikh Eid Alotaibi and has been developed by his son Shaikh Nasser Alotaibi to be AWJ International Contracting Co. which is works and dedicated to hold a leading position in construction and contracting industry, through its trustworthy employees whom every day are hard at work to create solutions to its customers' most pressing challenges.
AWJ pledges to continue its growth and innovative development, and is committed to maintain its customer satisfaction as well as the Kingdom's...


By grace of ALLAH, AWJ International Contracting Company achieved all the ingredients for success through creation of an integrated system works special and scientific procedure cope with all the recent developments, and a team has the expertise and multiple high abilities technically and administratively and financially, in addition to our financial capability which we have, to achieve all integrated solutions to projects success, according to a systematic and well thought out plans to ensure the conduct of business in a careful, detailed and with high technical quality through all the steps of the project implementation until the initial and final delivery of the proje so as to ensure the implementation of business quality to our valued customers seamlessly in line with the schedules and cash flows of the project.